Homeland Security Risk Assessment



Homeland Security Risks Assessment

Effective Emergency Response & Security Assessments   HSC brings years of experience to finding the root of the problem and begin planning a remediation plan.  Education, making it intuitive, and effectively implementing the right solution is key to our success.

Services include:

  • Discovery mapping to ensure we validate all assets
  • Vulnerability scanning & Penetration testing to isolate the problems
  • Analyze policies, procedures and architecture
  • Implementing our Emergency Response & Security Compliance Made EZ Tool for a comprehensive assessment

  Assessment, Training, & Compliance

HSEEP  –  DHS develop the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) process and remains an HSEEP-certified Train-the-Trainer, conducting hundreds of exercises across the nation.

EMP – DHS developed and facilitated solar electromagnetic pulse (EMP) exercises for the Congressional EMP Caucus, the National Defense University, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and Maryland Emergency Management Agency, evaluating the impact of an extended nationwide electrical grid collapse.   He has provided training to FBI/InfraGard members on nuclear and solar EMP protection and is pursuing several initiatives in this area, supporting the Electro-magnetic Pulse Special Interest Group of the InfraGard program.

Security Risk Assessment  – Our four steps include: threat assessment, vulnerability identification, risk determination and control recommendation



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