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Active Shooter Emergency Action Plan Video

DHS Active Shooter Emergency Action Plan Video

This 96 minute video, produced by the US Department of Homeland Security provides an overview to develop an Emergency Action Plan for an active shooter incident.  Using a series of interviews with incident survivors, first responders, and other subject matter experts, the video presents important considerations in plan development.

Homeland Security Consulting President, Dave Hunt, a former lead instructor for the DHS Active Shooter Preparedness Workshops, serves as the host for this training video.   Mr. Hunt spent two years revising the Active Shooter Preparedness Workshop curriculum for the Department of Homeland Security to reflect the latest national preparedness guidance, including addressing the needs of persons with disabilities.



Mr. Hunt guides viewers through discussions on preventing incidents, recognition of behaviors of persons who may be on a pathway to violence, developing reporting process, and intervention capabilities appropriate for your organization.

The video identifies the capabilities an organization needs to mitigate active shooter threats, as well as how to respond and recover from an incident.  Immediate notification to all persons in the facility of the event is a key capability to allow staff and guests the ability to implement protective actions.  

Interviews highlight the importance of interfacing with law enforcement, assisting them in navigating the facility, and following their directions.  Knowing what to expect and how to act when law enforcement enters the facility is vital to lessen fear and safeguard employees.

The importance of social media as a tool to communicate within and outside the organization is covered, including the ability to access social media sites from outside the facility, using a mobile device.   Some communication platforms provide two-way capability to allow employees to report their location, as part of the accountability process.  

Many organizations are implementing enhanced first aid training and supplies, including a national program “Stop the Bleed”.   Providing trauma supplies and training allows the employees to save lives, in the minutes before the arrival of medial assistance.

The video follows the national comprehensive preparedness guidance to build and implement a plan for your facility.   HSC staff were involved in building this national guidance and several have served as instructors for the DHS Active Shooter workshops.  We are thoroughly versed in all aspects of preparedness.

HSC works with organizations to build solutions – to implement appropriate preparedness and response actions for workplace violence and active threat incidents.

Please contact us to discuss how we can solve your organization’s challenges.  


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