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Active Shooter & Active Threat Preparedness

HSC specializes in developing capabilities for Active Shooter & Active Threat Preparedness, planning, prevention, immediate protective actions, response coordination, and crisis communication.  While Active Threat incidents can be an extreme version of workplace violence, these events are also happening where we and our families go to school, shop, and spend leisure time.   

Our experts built the national active shooter preparedness program used by the federal government. HSC brings a comprehensive solution to your organization, examining physical security, evaluating notification and communication systems, setting up go-kits for coordination with responders, and implementing short-term and long-term recovery capabilities.  

In addition to providing training for your staff on immediate notification, personal protective actions, coordination with responders, and recovery, we offer video training for employees’ families to protect themselves where ever violence may erupt.   Implementing a robust program to protect workers and their families demonstrates your commitment that your employees are your most valuable resources.   

HSC Active Shooter & Active Threat Preparedness Services Include:

  • Evaluating existing plans, policies, capabilities and training
  • Meeting with senior management to approve the program
  • Identifying  a planning team for the organization
  • Developing capabilities to prevent or manage incidents
  • Identifying and implementing training for all levels of the organization
  • Designing and conducting drills and exercises to evaluate capabilities

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