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Crisis Communication Training | Homeland Security Consulting | (571) 221-6796Crisis Communication Training

HSC staff spent years on behalf of the federal government developing public information guidance for states and local jurisdictions.  We have the expertise to build joint information centers, to coordinate media monitoring, message development and dissemination of current, relevant information.  We build plans and capability to successfully manage internal and external communications.   Our crisis communications experts provide the training and tools needed to successfully communicate with the public—from live media interviews to the use of social media platforms.  Richard Brundage has trained corporate executives, national weather spokespersons, and State Department ambassadors to speak to the media.

Partnering with the Center for Advanced Media Studies, we can train your staff to effectively speak to employees, the public and the media.  We can show you how to maintain the credibility and trust your organization needs to successfully manage a major incident.  We can help you use social media to monitor the incident, and to get ahead of the news cycle, rather than constantly trying to repair damage from false news reports.

HSC Crisis Communication Training Services Include:

  • Building the crisis communications team
  • Developing a site to coordinate communications
  • Evaluating and revising the crisis communication plan
  • Augmenting mass notification capabilities
  • Developing the capability to speak in “sound bites”
  • Training staff to utilize social media effectively during an incident
  • Conducting  exercises, including on-camera interviews

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Crisis Communication Training | Homeland Security Consulting | (571) 221-6796



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