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Exercises and Plan Evaluation | Homeland Security Consulting | (571) 221-6796Exercises and Plan Evaluation

HSC staff has decades of experience developing  Exercises and Plan Evaluation programs to evaluate organizational plans and capabilities.  We helped create the Federal government’s national exercise guidance.  Over the past two decades our team members have designed and executed thousands of exercises for jurisdictions, federal, state and local jurisdictions, private industry, schools, hospitals, houses of worship, and non-profits, to address a wide range of hazards and incidents.  Our expert facilitators guide discussion to meet the exercise objectives and provide a comprehensive after-action report to document successes and any areas requiring improvement.  

We guide our clients through a logical exercise development process, to identify the scope, goals, and objectives.   We then build the scenario tailored to meet the goals and objectives. We can build training seminars, plan development workshops, tabletop discussions, functional operations center exercises or full-scale exercises.

We can develop exercises for critical infrastructure disruption, weather or natural emergencies, terrorism response, active threat incidents, cyber terrorism, electrical grid collapse, workplace violence response, fire incidents, hazmat incidents, and many other threats and hazards.

HSC Exercises and Plan Evaluation Services Include:

  • Review of prior exercise reports
  • Identification of an exercise team
  • Development of an exercise plan for implementation
  • Exercise design, facilitation, evaluation and reports

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Exercises and Plan Evaluation | Homeland Security Consulting | (571) 221-6796



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