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Risk Assessment and Planning | Homeland Security Consulting | (571) 221-6796

Risk Assessment and Planning

What does it mean to be prepared “enough?”  To help organizations answer this question, the HSC team works with clients to assess their risks and identify threats, vulnerabilities, and physical security issues. We have been conducting Risk Assessment and Planning programs since 1999.  HSC offers cost effective options to mitigate risks and improve compliance with national standards and guidance.   We partner physical security with policies and procedures, awareness and reporting, planning, training and exercises—all to build the capabilities needed to manage the level of risk your organization faces.   Our team has expertise conducting assessments for hospitals and healthcare, universities, private industry, major sporting venues, churches and other houses of worship, schools, libraries, and municipal facilities.   We have conducted fire/rescue studies, 9-1-1 assessments, physical security assessments, complete risk, threat, vulnerability, and capability assessments.   The results of the assessment guide development of physical security programs, identify needed capabilities, policies and procedures, training, equipment, and exercises.  We partner with cyber experts to coordinate physical security with cyber security.

HSC Risk Assessment and Planning Services Include:

  • Establishing a risk management team
  • Conducting threat, vulnerability and capability assessments
  • Identifying gaps and needed capabilities
  • Developing a plan to implement needed policies, training and capabilities
  • Assisting the risk management team in gaining “buy-in” from senior leadership
  • Providing reports analyzing the results and explaining our recommendations

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Risk Assessment and Planning | Homeland Security Consulting | (571) 221-6796



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