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~ Workplace Violence Prevention

~ Crisis Communication Training

~ Active Shooter/Active Threat Preparedness

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~ Risk Assessments & Emergency Planning

~ Customized Video Training

~ Exercises and Plan Evaluation

HSC Partner Organizations


Homeland Security Consulting proudly partners with several organizations to provide depth of experience and world-class solutions to the challenges our nation faces.   Collaboration with our partner organizations broadens our capabilities and expands our capacities.  In the past several years, we have partnered with national laboratories, universities, businesses and private organizations to provide expertise and to augment our capabilities.


Homeland Security Consulting, LLC is pleased to partner with IEM to provide subject matter expertise in support of their planning project for FEMA Region III Power Outage Incident Annex.



The Center for Personal Protection and Safety (CPPS) in Reston, Virginia provides scalable training solutions in the areas of workplace violence, active shooter preparedness, and travel safety.  They have developed a series of training videos, used by hundreds of companies, hospitals and universities across the nation.  Homeland Security Consulting is pleased to partner with CPPS to provide workplace violence planning and training, and is an authorized distributor of CPPS video training solutions.



Kiernan Group Holdings (KGH) has tremendous capability in the intelligence arena.  KGH supports many federal agencies including providing Active Shooter Preparedness training for the Department of Homeland Security.   We are currently partnering with KGH to support a major private university’s capability to manage and recover from catastrophic incidents.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with KGH and value the experience and relationships they have built in the military, intelligence and law enforcement communities.



Active Shooter 360, based out Northwest Florida provides planning, training and exercises for companies for workplace violence and active shooter preparedness.   We are pleased to partner with Active Shooter 360, to offer our services in expanding their market.



The Center for Advanced Media Studies, based in Overland Park, Kansas provides training to organizational leadership to speak effectively to the media.  Richard Brundage has decades of experience and has trained U.S. ambassadors, corporate CEOs, and universities on how to communicate in the challenging environment of a media conference.   Our team has partnered with Mr. Brundage for over a decade to provide public information officer training, plans, and exercises to many of the nation’s largest cities, on how to establish and operate Joint Information Centers.   Homeland Security Consulting provides the content on emergency planning and response, which dovetails with Mr. Brundage’s outstanding media training.   Every organization should have a plan for crisis communications, and spokespersons trained to communicate to the public through multiple channels, immediately following an emergency.  Through our partnership with The Center for Advanced Media Studies, we offer world-class training seminars to build confidence your organization can survive the intense media spotlight.



David Hunt


Dave Hunt is a national expert in the field of emergency response with a 30 year background in law enforcement, terrorism response, fire/arson/explosives investigation, hazardous materials response, and emergency medical response. He has worked in every area of national preparedness in the development and delivery of nationwide assessments, all-hazards plans, training programs, national preparedness guidance, including active shooter and active threat prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

In 1993, Mr. Hunt began instructing for the National Fire Academy in fire and arson investigation. In 1996, he assisted in the development of the first counter-terrorism training for the nation’s responders. In 1999, he supported development of the nationwide online assessment tools used for grant programs, including development of the nationwide threat assessment tool with the FBI. He worked with several states to develop their strategic plans for terrorism response. In 2003 he helped DHS develop the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) process and remains an HSEEP-certified Train-the-Trainer, conducting hundreds of exercises across the nation.

Mr. Hunt is a subject matter expert on active threat preparedness. Over the past two years, he led the effort to develop and deliver a completely revised Active Shooter Preparedness curriculum for the DHS Office of Critical Infrastructure, addressing the needs of critical infrastructure partners in developing and implementing prevention, response and recovery capabilities. He served as lead instructor for the program and also hosted a new DHS 96-minute video on active shooter preparedness.


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